• Initial proto-type phase
    • Clients find an existing website design
    • AsOneChurch will duplicate a similar website in hours
    • Clients provide menu/page structure and contents
    • Complete prototype build in hours by AsOneChurch
  • Second phase
    • up to 2 iteration requests with the clients
  • Maintenance phase
    • The self-update instructions provided
    • Go live
    • Still fully customizable. See the "Custom Request" tab.
  • Use ShortCuts to self-updates
    • for weekly contents update
    • for other easy update contents
  • The short videos will be available
    • Take minutes for new users to learn
  • Hosted with linode.com
  • High performance : 3 sec. load time
  • Starting hosted on its server:  Nanode 1G
  • Easy to upgrade accordingly.
Type of request Cost
Add change/design blocks $50
Add a new one-design-block page $80
Custom requests Ask